Yolanda Eijgenstein


To acquire knowledge, one must study

but to acquire wisdom, one must observe

Yolanda Eijgenstein knows how difficult it is to apply this; she learned things the hard way. When she was eight years old she started her first business: selling her masterpieces: self-made drawings and cookies. She never stopped selling nor did she stop observing: from advertising to organizational development at her own Why Company; people became her knowledge and were treated and deployed wisely. Focus first on the ‘why’ then on the ‘how’ and  the ‘what’. Because if you know the 'why' you can bear almost any how.

Study and observe, she knows how effective it is when put into practice successfully, because it always comes down to people, they really matter. She wrote a book about it: ‘The happy worker’. After more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, even crowned as businesswomen of the year, she knows a few things for sure: be authentic, do dare to take risks and be open to learn from one another.

Enthusiasm and joy still are her core themes.This natural-born entrepreneur sold her first company and now runs two businesses and is involved in a variety of projects, boards and challenges that make her life gratifying. She works with milestones to make things happen and to make meaningful projects visible in the world.  Think big! But make sure you have attention for all the little steps needed to realize the change…