Willem Ferwerda


                                      Four returns from landscape restoration
As a trained tropical ecologist, passionate nature & people lover,
Willem Ferwerda has an international background
as an innovative ‘solutions thinker and doer’.
He has experienced the vast degradation of nature worldwide...
in spite of many positive small-scale initiatives to halt this process.
He has been active in nature conservation and restoration over the last 20 years,
mostly within IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
During that period he was able to fund over
1,500 nature projects
in 40 countries
and took part in many expert groups.
He helped influence policies and established a bridge between business and ecology…
by creating a business network, called ‘Leaders for Nature’.
This led to an agreement on biodiversity between the ‘Dutch Confederation of Industry’
and Dutch nature organizations.
However, in spite of many positive activities worldwide of NGOs and experts,
ecology is not yet part of the core decision making process
of companies, investors and governments.
A more systemic approach is needed.
One that uses all available skills and technology and that gives money a purpose.
After leaving IUCN, Ferwerda focused on the question why mainstreaming ecology in business is so difficult.
He will talk about his quest to find out what is really needed to involve business in scaling up the restoration of ecosystems, …
and his new developed approach:
       four returns.