Ronald Meester


Ronald Meester is a professor in Mathematics at the VU University in Amsterdam, with a chair in probability theory. He is highly interested in abstract mathematics as well as in the possible applications of math.
People tend to abuse mathematics for a variety of reasons, and it is often used to pretend that we know more than we actually do. Probability is used to decide about the heights of the Dutch dykes, but also to make statements about the (non-) existence of God. You may find it surprising that a professor in mathematics addresses the limitations of the use of it. But it is precisely these limitations that make mathematics and natural science so powerful.
He has published various books and articles on this topic. A new book, "Arrogance", will appear in january of 2014. This book deals with the arrogance of the scientific establishment. This arrogance actually harms science, and tends to lead to a somewhat distorted view of reality. We need to return to a more realistic view of science, which will benefit everyone: not in the least science and scientists themselves. 
Ronald is married, and has four daughters. He likes to spend his spare time playing classical piano player, regularly playing at recitals with many other musicians.