Peter Kuijper


Peter was born in Apeldoorn in 1965 as the fourth child out of six.
After his study technical business in Enschede and his military service,
he worked for almost twenty years for his own metal trading company.
In 2004 things started to change.
                                               He married Angelika from Hamburg, Germany.
                                               He and Angelika decided to stay childless, and
                                               he asked himself how he would continue his hectic life style.
In the seven years that followed, Peter acquired in depth knowledge on different eating habits, breathing, the art of ‘focussing’ and sleeping. He read books, took training courses and talked to specialists in the various fields.
Practising what he learned made him more energetic, conscious ánd more successful.
Motivated by his personal experiences, he started his actual company in 2011:        Mind&Health,
where customers (individuals and groups) are assisted to develop a more balanced and energized life.
The same personal approach is reflected in Peter’s role as director of Barcode for Life, a charity that he co-founded and that focusses on individual treatment for cancer patients through DNA analysis.
He is driven by doing, creating, making connections, co-creating and  people…
His trademarks are his smile and unlimited optimism.