Patrice Windt-Doeven


If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.
‘That Something’ can be within a simple idea, an idea worth spreading.
To enable a person to spread his idea in a comprehensible, inspiring and vivid way, gives me the opportunity to assist the speaker to bring a small idea from one person to a bigger world. I do hope to make that small difference.
Because of my previous experience as a trainer/coach and my job as a cabin attendant,  I’m  privileged to visit many different cultures, city’s and communities and talk to many different people with many different ideas.
It has widened my range and it brought me in contact with a lot of different views, habits, creative solutions and ideas.
I am convinced that spreading ideas is the solution for every existing and future problem. Inspiring stories can unite people and united people can make a real difference.
That is why I feel honored to be part of the organization team of TEDx Leiden.