Michel Scholte


Michel Scholte is co-founder of True Price, a social enterprise that calculates and improves the true price of products. The True Price of a product includes the net social and environmental costs incurred in production, distribution, selling and consumption. Similarly, the True Profit of companies and True Returns of investments include these same costs. True Price works with companies like AkzoNobel or Tony's Chocolonely. 
In addition, he is member of the Global Shapers – a World Economic Forum community – and member of think tank Worldconnectors. Before True Price he co-founded NewSilkRoads, a company that initiated one of the first co-working enterprises in Cairo, setting a trend in Egypt. In 2011, he worked as coordinator of social entrepreneurs at SOCAP EUROPE 2011, the largest international platform for social entrepreneurs and impact investors.
Michel studied sociology (cum laude) at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam. As a student, he was recognized as one of the best three students at the VU and received a Talent of the Future award from ASN Bank. He founded the Need for the Needy Grassroots Organisation to provide water access in Ghana when he was 18. He initiated the Studentenhaver Festivals 2008 and 2009 with amongst others the Red Cross to involve students in societal issues.