Marius Smit


Plastic Whale is a collective of the curious, the smart and the creative.
An unexpected mix of creative and entrepreneurial do-goodniks practicing a new form of environmental good-ism.
A movement focused on giving dead materials new life, and old objects new hope.
Marius Smit is founder of Plastic Whale, the world’s first professional plastic fishing company. That makes him the world’s first professional plastic fisherman.
Marius is in love with the world and all its diversity.
During his travels he encountered the problem of plastic soup.
He decided to do something about it, but didn’t know how to.
Until he devised a plan to create a unique challenge:
                                                  to build a boat made of plastic waste.
Marius is living in Amsterdam, is married and has two children.
He had, and still has, a lot to lose. Like all of us do.
Overcoming his fears of failure and social alienation, Marius started his challenge in 2011. Fuelled by his believe in the power of innovation and cooperation his initiative has grown into an organisation to which thousands of people and tens of companies have contributed.
Plastic Whale built a beautiful design boat made of recycled Amsterdam Canal Plastic. And Amsterdam Plastic Fishing has turned into a very popular company event.
Plastic Whale is now becoming a financially self-sustaining business. Marius will build two more boats of Amsterdam Canal Plastic. But it is his ambition to copy the concept to other cities around the world.