Marianne van Dijk


Marianne was educated as a philosopher, which helped her question our current way of thinking. After ten years, however, she grew weary of thinking about people who think about other thinkers. She felt like she wanted to actually do something, instead of just thinking about it. 
Since trying a primal diet, which benefitted her health greatly, Marianne decided she wanted to find out about any other possible benefits to the way our early ancestors lived. Contrary to most established philosophers, who seem to need theory upon theory about ideas such as this, Marianne is different from others: It's like she has a switch in her head that temporarily allows her to be unburdened by conventional social and academic constructs. 
Her idea is radical: to live like a cavewoman, not for a week, but for a whole year. Not in some forest, but in the middle of Amsterdam. Marianne managed to start her experiment this October, and blogs about her experiences so others can give advice or learn from her successes and mistakes. 
Marianne will consider this experiment a success if others, from all over the world, join the experiment in their own ways, and help (re)discover Paleolithic habits that may benefit our current world.