Lianne Kooistra


Lianne Kooistra started her own company in 2013.

Before that she worked as an editor in chief for a trade magazine for several years.

Today she is a self-employed copy writer for Mijnheer Van Puffelen tekstbureau.

She specialized in copy writing, journalism and PR.

She feels that the beauty of writing lays in creating something out of nothing.

Or just to filter the highlights out of an extensive story.

Someone once said I didn’t have time to write a short letter.

That to me says it all: writing is about capturing the essence!


Lianne is the co-founder and secretary at “BO viert FEEST”, (‘BO celebrates’).

A fundraising foundation that provides birthday parties…

to children at elementary school whose parents live on welfare.


She still dreams about writing in a more creative way.


A novel?

Who knows.

And besides from her writing abilities she’s always looking for ways to give more.

More meaning to life.

An initiative like ‘Statiegeld moet blijven’ might be a drop in the ocean.

But if it helps to make some people more aware, she’s happy.