Judith Manshanden


How would we behave if we would live in abundance?
And what would our economy look like?
Judith Manshanden
Is a psychologist,
a former strategy consultant and
social entrepreneur.
During her corporate career she started to question the basis of our current economy.
Because why do we strive for endless growth?
Is it because we think growth equals success?
Or does our hunger for growth arise from the feeling that we never have enough?
That we always need more to be happy? 
In other words; is our economy based on a feeling of scarcity?
To find an answer to these questions Judith developed a business model based on the idea of abundance. At the “GEEF Café” (GIVE Café), her ‘pay as you can’ restaurant, healthy and nutritious meals are given away.
People can decide for themselves what they can- and want to pay.
If money is a problem, guests can pay with their time by doing volunteer work in the restaurant. If people have some more to give, this money is directly used to give other people a meal.
In her presentation, Judith talks about how the abundance mind-set might be the key to a healthier and more connected economy for the future….