Jessica Hammarlund Bergmann


Jessica Hammarlund Bergmann is an urban planner. She was born in Sweden, educated in Denmark, and lives in The Netherlands. She now co-owns an office for urban planning and landscape architecture, in Amsterdam.

After the excessive VINEX building period, she became interested in non-physical components of urban development: soft data, informal networks, and civic initiatives. In a time when urban development is no longer synonymous with growth, other methods and processes must be investigated.

In 2010, she co-founded Pink Pony Express, a four person interdisciplinary collective that works in areas characterized by extreme conditions. These conditions are often the result of economic or political instability - and manifest themselves in friction between citizens and the local government. The basic strategy of the Ponies is ‘research through making’. They embed themselves in the local context and work like journalists. But instead of publishing words, they make images. These public installations are always realized on location and in direct relation to the community where the project originates.

Pink Pony Express has worked in Detroit (2010), Heerlen, NL (2011), Amsterdam, NL (2012-13), St. Eustatius, NL (2012) and St. Petersburg (2013).