Janice Deul


Janice Deul is a Dutch-Surinamese lifestyle journalist.

She has been working for over fifteen years in the land of lifestyle, advocating diversity in fashion and magazines.

Via social media, articles and public talks she points out that there are just few black models on covers of magazines.

By doing this, she hopes to empower black and coloured girls and young women to realize their dream: they can be super models too.

Role models, or as we tend to say nowadays possibility models, can encourage and inspire them.


Fashion is not to be taken lightly.

Surely, it’s about clothes.

But it also focusses on self-expression, art and individuality.


Models in magazines and on catwalks represent the way society thinks about beauty and glamour.

So, what is the hidden message behind the lack of black and coloured models?

That black is not beautiful?

Not chic?

That coloured girls are invisible?

Or that they do not count?


All this and more; black women are not acknowledged in their being.

They need to be represented too.

In order to be able to follow their dreams: you can’t be what you can’t see.

Janice wants to convince decision makers at magazines that there is a big potential left unused.