Jakob van Wielink


After an academic career as an attorney and lecturer international law at Amsterdam University, Jakob van Wielinks’ daily practices have shifted to leadership development. He is fascinated by major changes in life and helps organisations and individuals in dealing with fundamental issues of finality.

Using the ‘Circle of Transition’ as a metaphor, he shows that our difficulties in dealing with loss and mourning lay deeply rooted at the heart of conflicts. Not being able or used to ‘let go’ may result in failing reorganisations and often frustrates the setup of stable and joyful workplaces.

Whilst his professional focus lays with leadership and organisational development at the Alba-academie, he also lectures in ‘dealing with loss and mourning’ at the Christelijke Hogeschool Ede. Jakob is co-author of various successful books about loss and emotion in transition processes at work, he advises and writes for various coaching magazines. As a singer, he is addicted to classical music, with a special emphasis on Slavonic-Byzantine music.