Jakob de Jonge


 … and what has not been seen …


Jakob the Jonge lives and works in The Hague.


He has an MA Religious Studies from Leiden University…

And did a minor in Developments Studies form the University of Amsterdam.

He graduated from The Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in 2012.

Where he studied fine art.


Jakob now works as an artist and as a human rights professional.

As an artist he composes large, colourful paintings in which he tries to

organize an encounter…

or a confrontation between the often brutal reality of international politics

and war

and destruction.


using the beauty of



               nature and



The human rights professional in Jakob …

is currently in the process of founding an organization: The Hague Peace Projects

This organization will be …

working on providing reliable information from conflict areas,

analysing root causes of these conflicts and

create events to generate attention for these conflicts and their possible solutions.