Erik Schilp


Erik Schilp (Sydney, 1967) is an international innovator, connector and strategist.
He specialises in sustainable business solutions in the arts, cultural and heritage sectors.
Schilp started his career in London as Senior Marketing Manager at the American consultancy firm Strategic Decisions Group. Also in the UK, he restructured companies in the theatre and film industry and he founded his own marketing and PR agency.
In Barcelona he developed 24-hour restaurants and art spaces.
On arrival in the Netherlands Schilp became director of the Diaghilev Festival (2005) and from 2006 he worked as director of the Zuiderzee Museum.
In 2009 he was appointed Director of the Museum of National History.
Currently Schilp is working with Leiden University to develop and implement plans for a Museum of Language.
Schilp is founder and partner of the art platform De Gulle Ekster and a member of the supervisory board at Stadsherstel Amsterdam NV.
Motto: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
(Samuel Beckett)
"Everything starts with curiosity. If you ask yourself ten questions a day, you have no time for a career. You end up travelling the world and read one book a day. I try to connect the things I like and the people I believe in. Innovation is having the best people making new connections.
I have developed projects in many countries and in many fields, from restaurants to museums and from opera to science. My father taught me I should be able to hold a conversation with anybody on any topic.
I think I am slowly getting there…"