Dos Winkel


As an Orthopaedic Physical Therapist, Dos was teaching on the Caribbean Island of Aruba when he made his first SCUBA dive. He fell in love with the underwater world and became an avid diver. Over the years, Dos witnessed the deterioration of this underwater ecosystem. This deterioration worried him such, that he quit his medical work and his teaching. Instead, he “dove” deep into the science of oceanography.

Dos has written intriguing eye openers such as “What´s the Catch with Fish” and “Crying Oceans”. In 2009 he founded the Sea First Foundation in order to expand the reach of his strong beliefs on the “state of the sea”. He also made the documentary “Sea the Truth”.

Dos is now a full time ocean conservationist who is constantly trying to find solutions for our Ocean in Peril. His dream is a healthy ocean, full of life, that produces enough oxygen for all breathing creatures on this planet.