TEDxLeiden 28 September 2016 - Pieces of the Puzzle

We are happy to announce that TEDxLeiden 2016 on September 28 is now open for registration! The theme of the event is Pieces of the Puzzle. The event will be organized at Scheltema, between 18:00 and 22:00 with a 25 EURO entry fee. For this event we can host 100 participants.

About the theme:
How do we get to a world where 9 billion people live well, and within the limits of our planet? What are the pieces of the puzzle in this new hyper connected and digital world? What pieces solve the global puzzle looking at inclusion, inequality, biodiversity, job security, nationalism, climate change, migration. What pieces solve the local puzzle looking at work, education, healthcare, security. This TEDxLeiden event will inspire you with some of the pieces, but will dare you to further explore the puzzle through a dialogue with other participants in a creative setting.

What to expect:
We hope the event will give you new perspectives and insights about the world we live in today. The evening is designed around 4 TEDTalks of which 2 are live. Each Talk will  spark a dialogue in groups of 5-8 people. We will have some small bites, but given the starting time it would be wise to eat something upfront. Drinks are at you own expense.


For more details and registation!

TEDxLeiden is an experience you will enjoy!

TEDxLeiden 2013 at De Meelfabriek was a great experience. We invite you to have a look at this video which gives a good impression of the TEDxLeiden experience.

About TEDxLeiden

Is a crisis the new norm or are we lacking perspectives to see other realities with great opportunity? Probably both. We need to get used to the fact that there are no simple answers and solutions for many of the issues that we face today. Ok, so what's next? This is where the story of TEDxLeiden starts.

The central theme of TEDxLeiden is the transition towards 21st century societies. We spark deep dialogue to connect people and ideas worth spreading. Starting with the region around Leiden and connecting to the world at large..

We believe that societies of the 21st century are inclusive, diverse, resilient. Societies that keep the value of social, economical and natural capital at sustainable level. Societies that are able to grow our collective and individual well being without introducing systemic issues.

We recognize there is a huge gap between this vision and the world we live in today. However, we live in a time of transition. Exponential times that accelerate towards a global, inter-connected world with unprecedented opportunities and complexities. We believe that sharing ideas worth spreading (TEDx) is a powerful way to bridge the gap.

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