TEDxLeiden 2016 - Pieces of the Puzzle

Marijn Wiersma

I love the energy we collectively create at TEDxLeiden! And therefore feel fortunate to, together with Freek, be the license holder for TEDxLeiden. In daily life I work as change agent and innovation manager at FMO, the Dutch Development Bank. I am passionate about transition. I have co-founded several social networks a.o. Fier, Boom and BankoftheFuture. And am truly proud that we can host our TEDxLeiden conference in our house of transition, the beautiful Meelfabriek in Leiden!

Freek Tanis

I am passionate about the transition to a society where people and organizations cocreate their future. A natural balance between the industrial efficiency and selforganized diversity. A world where we are able to organize the surplus. TED has been a major source of inspiration for me; it has broadened my perspective on society and the possibilities for the future. I use these insights and experiences in my work as a business architect for IBM.

Rienke Wiersma

I am a very energetic person and I love being around other passionate people. I believe that TEDx creates an amazing platform for their creative, and sometimes courages, ideas that contribute to changing our thoughts and perspectives on the world around us.

Last year I was involved with TEDx Leiden as a photographer. From that prespective I had a chance to capture the spirit and passion with which the speakers conveyed their ideas. This year in addition to acting as a photographer I am also involved in the creative process leading towards TEDx Leiden 2014. In daily life I am a physiotherapist and manualtherapist, a very different setting where I am contributing to change on an a more individual basis.