These are the speakers that will participate in TEDxLeiden

Tony Greenham

Tony Greenham is head of business and finance at the New Economics Foundation (NEF). He has previously worked in investment banking at Credit Suisse and Barclays.  He is a finance professional, environmental economist, sustainability consultant and environmental activist with broad commercial experience from blue chip to start-ups in investment banking, consultancy, public practice and finance director roles.

Maria Scordialos

Maria characterizes herself in almost opposite ways; from activist to systems practitioner and pattern recogniser. In all her roles she leads groups of people to design, co-create and host engagements for systemic change. Maria is co-founder of the Living Wholeness Institute, based at Axladitsa Avatakia, a farm that cultivates new cultures of living and immersive learning in Pelion, Greece.

Maria is also a co-initiator of the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations, a practice that invites people to create new collective intelligence through generative dialogue. She is passionate about citizen led democracy and politics, where people can be part of crafting their own lives by living their soul’s purpose. Living in Greece, Maria has first hand experience of the disintegrating current systems and the social innovation that is being birthed through this.

Edgar Kampers

Edgar is one of the world leading designers and implementers of community and complementary currencies and is director at Qoin. Qoin is a foundation for money that matters as operates accross the EU and other geographies. Comunity currencies are designed to help a community of any scale achieve their goals.   These currencies use very different design principles then money as we know it today and there will achieve different results. States, Small & Medium Enterprises and citizens use Community Currencies to reach sustainable economic growth, ecological balance, and social progress.

Koen Brakenhoff

Koen Brakenhoff is a boardmember of the Leiden SingelPark initiative that plans to create the longest park in the Netherland. This is an excellent example of citizen local self-organisation. Www.singelpark.nl and http://vimeo.com/35371208.

Dette Glashouwer

Dette Glashouwer is a Dutch theater maker and performer. She gives an incredible standup performance about money. The last couple of years Dette has explored and researched the subject of money from many different perspectives, including her personal relationship with money.

Maarten de Leng

Maarten Leng is commercial marketing director at Nudge, an independent sustainable consumer platform. By connecting, consumers, governments and businesses, Nudge wants to strengthen and speed up initiatives that support a sustainable and economically responsible society. Nudge connects 25.000 consumers and makes the connection to the street, the neighborhood, the city, the state and the country.

Annette Riggs

Annette is president of the  International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) and the CommunityConnectTrade Association (CCTA). She is a specialist in the development of exchange systems for communities, businesses and organizations with shared value systems for the sustainable health of communities, the broader economy and our shared ecosystem and has over 30 year's of experience in trade and a variety of non-cash execution business models, including trade exchanges, large corporate barter transactions and complementary currency applications.

Ronald Kleverlaan

Ronald Kleverlaan is an entrepreneur with a passion for crowdfunding. Het is co-founder of WEBclusive, a leading crowdfunding software company in Europe. He founded the Dutch Crowdfunding Roundtable and speaks and writes about crowdfunding on international conferences.

Anne Stijkel

Anne Stijkel is involved in the development and implementation of innovative sustainability concepts. She cocreates new sustainable energy initiatives with local government and industry players. Anne is a biologist that has been active in agriculture, sustainable energy, healthcare, education.

Jan Joost Jullens

Janjoost Jullens (1979), an associate of the Instituut Maatschappelijke Innovatie (Institute for Societal Innovation), is specialised in creative processes. He combines science, practical experience and arts to put issues in new perspectives and to fuel innovations. With his colleague Mattijs Taanman, he developed Simplesse (elegant simplicity), a concept for intelligent simplification ofcomplex challenges. Janjoost is also actively involved with various artistic projects, either as an artist or as a producer.

Marc van Roon

Marc van Roon (born 1967 in The Hague) is a Dutch jazz pianist. He combines music performance with his work as a creative facilitator for leaders, groups and organizations in transformational change and learning processes applying the art of improvisation as the main source of inspiration. Van Roon began classical piano lessons at the age of ten. His interest in jazz and improvisation was sparked at a young age by his father, a professional jazz pianist. He studied music privately until the age of sixteen when he enrolled in the music program at the Royal Music Conservatory in The Hague. He graduated in 1991 and left for a post conservatorial study to New York City.