Programme TEDxLeiden 2012

9.00h: Welcome


09.45h: Start & doors close!

TEDx Intro

10.15h: SPACE and TIME

TED Talk movie
Societal Transitions by Harry te Riele
Money & Enough! by Dette Glashouwer
A New Economic Foundation by Tony Greenham

11.45h: Dialogue and Food


13.00h: Complementary INGREDIENTS

TED Talk movie
Alternative Trade for Small and Medium Enterprises by Anette Riggs
Complementary Money by Edgar Kampers
Crowd Financing by Ronald Kleverlaan

14.30h: Dialogue and Food


15.45h: Great CO-CREATIONS

TED Talk movie
Let’s organize our own power by Anne Strijkel
Energetic Leiden - a different perspective by Charlotte Lemmens
Nudge - Sustainable Consumer Grid by Maarten de Leng
Single Park by Koen Brakenhoff
Keep your hats on! by Marije van de Berg
The Greek in all of us by Maria Scordialos

17.30h: Drinks & Snacks