About TEDxLeiden

Is a crisis the new norm or are we lacking perspectives to see other realities with great opportunity? Probably both. We need to get used to the fact that there are no simple answers and solutions for many of the issues that we face today. Ok, so what's next? This is where the story of TEDxLeiden starts.

The central theme of TEDxLeiden is the transition towards 21st century societies. We spark deep dialogue to connect people and ideas worth spreading. Starting with the region around Leiden and connecting to the world at large..

Transition towards 21st century societies

We believe that societies of the 21st century need to be inclusive, diverse, resilient. Societies that keep the value of social, economical and natural capital at sustainable levels. Societies that are able to grow our collective and individual well being without introducing new pervasive issues. Societies that are able to create an optimal balance between efficiency and diversity, between local and global.

We recognize there is a huge gap between this vision and the world we live in today. We believe that sharing ideas worth spreading (TEDx) is a powerful way to bridge the gap.

Opportunities that we see

We live in an extraordinary time where society at large is hitting the boundaries of what we are able to organize on this one planet. At the same the globalized and digital connected world opens the door for us to collaborate and co-create at any scale. We now have the opportunity to further unlock the potential of our cognitive and social surplus and use this power to remix and redefine how we live, think and make. Idealism? Maybe, maybe not. There is a growing number of people that see this as a practicality.

Our ambitions

We take a long term perspective which allows us to incrementally grow our potential and impact. Below you find four themes we currently focus on.

Amplify positive perspectives on 21st century societies that are inclusive, resilient and sustainable
We curate ideas that provide new perspectives, show practical examples and daring endeavours that paint the landscape of the transition to 21st century societies.
Develop the TEDxLeiden organizer community to bring TEDx into every school ... every year
It is our ambition to develop TEDxLeiden as a strong local community that celebrates creativity and innovation.  A community of organizers, researchers, coaches that brings the TEDx formats into all local schools. This means we need to excell in our ability to selforganize without external funding.
Illuminate powerful local ideas worth spreading
The researchers of the TEDxLeiden community will continuously scan for a diverse set of local ideas worth spreading that can be developed into compelling stories. Stories that can be repeated by others on a local and global scale.
Sustain TEDxLeiden through a coalition of local organisations
We will develop meaning relationships with local organisations that want to invest in our region and in ideas worth spreading. The role of this coalition is to help create the conditions that grow the impact of TEDxLeiden. Organisations from  government, education, grass root initiatives, business.