Ambassadors of TEDxLeiden

Henri Lenferink

Henri Lenferink is the mayor of Leiden, the city of discoveries

Henri Lenferink in his new years speech: “How can we contribute to our local economy with the knowledge we obtained and preserved over the years? How can we boost our economy and make connections between our university and the cultural world in our city and cherish private initiatives? As the local city council we have to stimulate local initiative. I believe in the power of our society. Leiden is the City of Discoveries, but also the City of my Heart.”

Carel Stolker

Carel Stolker is the rector-magnificus of the University of Leiden (starting February 2013)

Nout Wellink, Board of Directors University of Leiden on his installment: “Carel Stolker is an academic with a broad experience in the field of education and research. A driven man who is well embedded in the Leiden University. He will be able to build on our mission towards a research intensive internationally respected university.”

Charlotte Lemmens

Charlotte Icke-Lemmens has an extensive experience in management, business and projectdevelopment. Sustainability has been one of her keytopics for over 40 years.
She founded EnergiekLeiden, a bottom up energy-organization. As member of Stadslab organization, cofounder of LeidenNetwerkLive, boardmember of Rabobank Leiden, Leiderdorp and Oegstgeest, member of Worldconnectors she helps to improve the quality of life for fellow citizens, and of the planet, with a keen eye for employement and (regional) companies to make a reasonable profit.